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Individual Counseling

Drowning in depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, or other issue? It can be easy to be overwhelmed and feel hopeless. A professional counselor can help you take the next steps to finding relief from these issues.

Marriage Counseling

Conflict, infidelity, stress, and other issues take a toll on marriages. Couples get in a rut or pattern, and they don't have the ability to change that pattern. If your relationship problems seem stuck and unchangeable, try couples counseling to take the next step.

Family Counseling

Parenting struggles, conflict with children, family trauma, recent grief or loss? These things can make family problems grow and seem insurmountable. Children struggle with behavior problems, isolation, irritability. Parents feel lost, confused, and constantly stressed. Take a step to find help with family counseling.

Addictions Counseling

Drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, gambling, work, or other things take control until a person or couple feels like there is no escape. There is no life without this expression of addiction without help. If you feel lost and out of control, find help to take another right step.

Insurance In Network

BCBS Oklahoma

BCBS Federal


BCBS (Surrounding States)


United Healthcare*


*Does not include Medicare plans managed by United Healthcare.

HealthChoice of Oklahoma

Healthcare Highways

Recent Updates

Exciting news! Just A Step Counseling is transitioning to new office space with a new office manager. There is currently no news regarding the exact location, but that will be updated on the contact page as soon as there is information to be posted. The same above services will continue to be provided in a telehealth setting to bridge the transition. All insurance information and practice information related to client files will remain the same. Check back soon for more updates!

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